Be a part of an action-oriented community.

We create change to live in a world where human rights are above all else.

We are a part of Amnesty International, a global movement of more than 7 million people in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end abuses of human rights.

Change is possible. This is how we contribute.

Amnesty International at UW-Madison works to establish quantifiable change against injustice and human rights abuses within the UW Madison community, nationally, and internationally.

On campus, we strive to educate our students on global issues while giving them ways to take action. We do this through peaceful demonstrations, petitions, phone calling officials, letter writing campaigns, social media activism, and a variety of other creative advocacy tactics.

The Amnesty International - UW Madison chapter is not affiliated with any political party as we are a non-partisan organization.

Distribution of Class Across General Members

We are dedicating to representing every class on campus to hear every voice.

Distribution of Majors Across General Members

It takes a broad and diverse set of minds to advocate for human rights.

General Member Quotes

"This year, I am looking forward to making a difference in our community with peers that share the same mindset! In my time in Madison, I've witnessed a lot of injustice. Implementing change is much more effective when we come together as a group and stand in solidarity against those injustices." - Anusha Talwalkar

"I’m excited to fight for marginalized communities and promote awareness and change at Madison!" - Riyana Chawla

"I'm excited to get the word out about the November 3rd election. It is extremely important for college students to vote and make their voices heard." - Akshay Vankayala

"I'm really excited to be a part of Amnesty this year because I feel that political parties are literally brawling for support, and a non-partisan organization like Amnesty helps shift our focus back to helping people that are struggling, regardless of political affiliations." - Meera Viruru

"I am excited to join a community that is passionate about social justice and supports each other in becoming more active and informed citizens." - Lauren Dean

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